• Hospital Management System
    Integrate and centralize medical records of patients using this
    ERP & make it available online for ease of accessibility
    anytime, anywhere. Successfully running in many
    Indian hospitals.

AT's Hospital Management System

Anuin Techlogix is a growing ERP company in India. Our Hospital management system is completely modular, customizable and an easy to implement ERP. It allows you to pick and choose modules as per the requirement and even add new modules in future. Our Hospital Management System is being used by many Indian hospitals with 100% satisfaction.

How AT's Hospital Management system can benefit your Hospital

  • Eliminated papers, other consumables, maintenance and repair
  • Better utilization of Budget
  • Nominal physical space required
  • Reduced hospital visits for report collection
  • Improved productivity
  • Robust and secure data storage along with the facility of data backupand recovery
  • Easier and quicker audits
  • Easy to locate records
  • No typos/illegible handwriting
  • Quick retrieval and amendments in patients’ information by doctors
  • Better patient management
  • Better bed management
  • Automated MIS reports
  • Shareable with existing computerized systems across the globe
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime by anyone - Specific rights provided depending upon roles to maintain confidentiality

How AT's Hospital Management system benefits patients

Patients will get a website link to access the system

Access records and check status of test reports online using e-ID – REDUCING NEED TO VISIT HOSPITAL

Check doctor’s availability and book appointments online – ENHANCED CONVENIENCE

Check availability of prescribed medicines online – ENHANCED CONVENIENCE

Limitations of Paper Medical Records

  • Cumbersome audits
  • Complication in utilization of Budget
  • Non-shareable with computerized systems
  • Added cost of papers, consumables, maintenance
  • High probability of loss of records
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Requirement of storage space
  • Difficult to locate records